Opéra Productions is a Business Consultancy created in 2016 which objective is to promote artists of the musical genre "Seggae", by setting up a very professional platform and the latest tools and frameworks, to develop their skills and market them to the " national and international levels. Our aim is to improve the musical genre "Seggae", which is an integral and very relevant part of the Mauritian tradition and recent history.

Pascal Opéra

Pascal Opéra (31), born and raised on the east coast of Mauritius Island, started in the musical industry and entertainment arena as a guitarist when we was 13 years old. After years of different experiences of music training and playing around, late 2007, together with some friends, they formed the ADONYE CREW, a musical band from GRSE, performing in Fancy fairs and other musical events. Together, they came out a first and only album called, NU DEVWAR. Pascal Opéra went on a carrier in the hotel industry working as sports coordinator and swaps to night entertainer to finally events manage with the famous hotel chain called Club Med (French compa), in Asia, namely Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives and Singapore.

Back to Mauritius in 2015, working as DJ in night clubs and others, Pascal Opéra, together with some friends, started to play their favourite style music, the seggae.

Soon he started to write songs, and became inspired by great artists such as Ras Natty Baby and Kaya, he then created Opéra productions in 2016, with the inspiration of promoting the Seggae culture, which is a life style for him.

Through this establishment, he creates a system which will nurture this genre and give artists an opportunity to grow in professionalism while fostering the development of the "Music of the people".

From Roots to modern Reggae, Pop influences and Seggae music hits, Great artist features such as Menwar, Ras Tico and Jennifer Barrett from Jamaica.

"Eko la rivyer nwar", "Happiness", "Share Love" and much more to discover, the album will be available as from the 7th of october 2017.


Pascal Opéra - Back To My Roots

Opéra productions presents a new Debut Album and artist. Pascal Opéra, with Back To My Roots.. Ep contains 10 diversify songs with different style of music, notably Sega, Reggae, Seggae, fusion and world music. Pascal chooses the best musicians to accompany him through this journey such Didier Baniaux and Pascal Ramchan and much more and together they put a new taste to Listeners that will be fascinated by the universe of sounds and Musical Love that he brings up and the mix of culture throughout the album.

Titles and featuring.
1. Back to my roots
2. Fierté nu Langaz ft Ras Minik
3. We Love Reggae ft Jennifer Barrett from Jamaica and Ras tico
4. Eko La rivyer nwar ft Menwar
5. Love quotes
6. Happiness
7. Dan to pensé
8. Share Love ft Darrianna Amerally, Ras tico and Jahmayka
9. Ki Liberté

Album was recorded @ Opera Production Records Studio, Trou d'eau douce and Mix in Italy by (Mauro della Rocca) and Mauritius by (Richard Hein).


We had a first edition of our festival in June 2016, where the first production was shown to the public. Seggae artists such as Ras Natty Baby, Ras Minik, Soldat Zion, Kool Jah and much more were present and performed as well.

Jahmayka - Seggae experience Live.
First Album productions, "LA MISIK SEGGAE" from physical to digital and Live performances.



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